Blogging – what’s in it for you?

For a long time, blogging was dominated by pre-pubescent adults who used such sites to vent their teenage angst. Such musings were likely to be deleted in the following years, when hormone levels stabilised. Recent times have seen businesses flock to the blogosphere to get what they have to say out on the Web – but what are the real, measurable benefits of this?

Of course blogging is a great way to provide more information on the values and morals of a company, thus helping your customer to gauge who you are and what you stand for. However, the online masses have seen and heard it all before; purging your business information into a neat 500 word post is no longer enough. Those who succeed, dare to be different.

Tickle someone’s fancy

In an age where every man and his dog (with small paws) has access to the likes of Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr it’s mighty difficult to get internet users to stop whizzing from page to page and stop. To listen to what you have to say.

A very wise person once told me that a blog post should answer the audience’s question, “What’s in it for me?” I probably wouldn’t peruse the musings of a quantum physics master. But an informative blog post, perhaps artfully named, ‘Why is my washing machine making a clunking noise?’ would most definitely make me click for more. (If you have any valuable insights these would be greatly received.)

You may think your business is great – and I’m sure it is – but by giving away little snippets of information, trust is built. And, everyone loves a freebie. (Freebies are also greatly accepted, particularly shiny new washing machines.) This is not to suggest that you provide a manual on how to do your job or undermine your services in any way, but helpful commentary will always put you in good favour with your customers and will make you stick in their minds for the right reasons.

Put your poker face on

It’ a known fact that people do business with people. If you need a job doing, and you know and like someone who has the skill to complete it, you call them rather than Googling other companies. Blogging is a fantastic way to enhance company ‘likeability’ and I’m not talking social media here. Starting a conversation, particularly if you put a ‘face’ on your business by providing staff names or additional company information is a great way to promote the minds, credibility and personalities that drive what you do.

Behind closed doors, things could be awful – and I hope they’re not – business may not be doing so well, but to your customers your presence should be active and consistent. Champion every success and be positive bout all that you achieve and do.

Show off your brains

Position yourself as an industry expert by showing the depth and breadth of what you know. You don’t need to baffle readers with fancy-shmancy lingo, but let them know that you know what you’re talking about and they will have a greater trust in what they pay for. This will also really peeve your competitors, as your company’s smart cookies will leave their biscuit jar looking a little empty.

Set goals, then score them

Before you begin your blogathon quest, understand this: it will not happen overnight. Blogging takes time and commitment so if you don’t have that, then don’t bother. Be clear from the outset about what you want to achieve – whether it’s brand awareness, website traffic, inbound enquiries or more sales. Remember to set goals and methods of measurement to determine whether or not you have been successful. If you haven’t then tailor your efforts and, ‘Try, try and try again.” Robert Burns

I have worked for businesses of all shapes and sizes – big and small – and helped them to get an online conversation swinging. If you would like to discuss how I can help, then don’t hesitate to send me a message. I won’t bite.


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